August 11, 2007
Codeines Hemline Miss

I saw this on a blog and thought I'd give it a try. If you go to this site for anagrams you can enter your full name as I have done and just look what you get.

1881 found. Displaying first 100: Medicines HomelinessCede Hemline MissionsCede Homeliness MinisCede Hemlines MissionCede Holinesses MinimLeeched Nisei MonismsLeeched Niseis MonismLeeched Mine MissionsLeeched Mien MissionsLeeched Mines MissionLeeched Miens MissionLeeched Semis MinionsLeeched Misses MinionLeeched Noises MinimsLeeched Session MinimComedienne Hies SlimsComedienne Shies SlimComedienne Shies MilsComedienne Hisses MilComedienne Smile HissComedienne Limes HissComedienne Slime HissComedienne Miles HissComedienne Slimes HisComedienne Smiles HisComedienne Leis ShimsComedienne Isle ShimsComedienne Lies ShimsComedienne Isles HimsComedienne Isles ShimComediennes Hie SlimsComediennes Hies SlimComediennes Hies MilsComediennes Shies MilComediennes Lei ShimsComediennes Lie ShimsComediennes Lime HissComediennes Mile HissComediennes Smile HisComediennes Limes HisComediennes Slime HisComediennes Miles HisComediennes Slimes HiComediennes Smiles HiComediennes Leis HimsComediennes Leis ShimComediennes Isle HimsComediennes Isle ShimComediennes Lies HimsComediennes Lies ShimComediennes Isles HimEmceed Shinnies LimosEmceed Shinnies MoilsEmceed Shininess LimoEmceed Shininess MoilEmceed Holiness MinisEmceed Noes NihilismsEmceed Ones NihilismsEmceed Nose NihilismsEmceed Eons NihilismsEmceed Noses NihilismSecede Hominies LimnsSecede Holiness MinimSecede Omen NihilismsSecede Omens NihilismSecede Meson NihilismSecedes Hominies LimnSecedes Omen NihilismChiseled Immense IonsChiseled Nominee IsmsChiseled Nominee MissChiseled Nominees IsmChiseled Nominees MisChiseled Seine MonismChiseled Seem MinionsChiseled Seems MinionChiseled Simonies MenChiseled Emission MenChiseled Mime SonniesChiseled Monies MinesChiseled Monies MiensSchemed Elision MinesSchemed Elision MiensSchemed Oiliness MineSchemed Oiliness MienSchemed Elisions MineSchemed Elisions MienSchemed Simonies LienSchemed Simonies LineSchemed Emission LienSchemed Emission LineSchemed Meiosis LinenEchoed Linemen MissisEchoed Sliminess MineEchoed Sliminess MienDeice Hominesses LimnDeice Shimmies NelsonMedicine Hemlines SosMedicine Homeless SinMedicine Homeless Ins

I've been doing some cleaning in my room and I'm doing laundry today . It's so flippin' hot outside it's horrible. Not going out there at all.

Mamacita had someone sideswipe her car last week, good thing she got an estimate, it's over $2500! I thought it might be because she scraped along the whole drivers side of her car. I'm glad she got an estimate b/c the other parties insurance company is coming out to estimate and now she knows what is expected and tack on 11 days of a rental car too.

I'm doing really well with my eating plan, i'm working on writing down my food this week and I'm making good choices. I'm trying not to weigh every day but I know I'm doing well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Mamacita! Good thing she has you there to help her through these difficult times.

You're on the right track, Michele. Keep up with the eating plan. Are you still going to the gym?

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

At first glance I thought something had gotten a hold of your blog! I hope your mom is ok!

Blogger BeccaGirl said...

I heard an 'expert' say one time, you shouldn't weigh at all for the first 2 months of changing your diet and exercise, can you imagine??? He said your body goes through so many changes with water and such, it's hard to tell much for the first two months. I try to keep it to Monday mornings only. I weigh after I went to the bathroom and showered and before I eat breakfast. I figure if I lost some, it will make me happy and inspire me to keep it up! And if I gained any, it will make me sad and inspire me to do better! :)

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