August 28, 2007
Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time.

Tori~Yes, yesterday's trivia answer was Monica Seles. I remember seeing that on TV and it was surreal, I couldn't believe I watched him just stab her.

Today's Trivia question is: What U.S. band had the 1966 hit with "Good Vibrations"?

I had kind of a stressful day yesterday, mainly because my bosses were arguing. I just try to ignore it because it's none of my business. My male boss finally kind of had it and got really mad, so then the afternoon was very quiet...

So I went shopping after work and finally used my birthday gift certificate from my brother. I got all m Fall makeup at MAC. She did my eyes and lips and I just love the fall colors.

Have my weight class tonight and then I need to start on my bosses cheesecake for Thursday.

I'm tired and the day hasn't even begun.


Blogger yh said...

Sounds like the Beach Boys :)

Blogger BeccaGirl said...

That sounds funny, 'I have my weight class tonight, then I have to make a cheesecake' LOL

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