August 1, 2007
I am open to the wisdom within.

Can't believe it's the first day of August. Just doesn't seem possible. My affirmation calendar says this for the month of August.

Give extra attention to your health this month. Eat fruit instead of candy. Drink lots of water. Walk more than ride. Organize your exercise schedule. Love your body and tell it so: "Body, I love you! What can I do to make you happy?"

Well, since I started a weight management class last night that lasts for 8 weeks, I like this affirmation for the month. I was surprised how many were at the class, I'd say about 25-30 people, mostly women, but a few men. The class is lead by a nutritionist and we also had a talk last night by a physiologist. It's a 2 hour class and it focuses on living healthy, not a diet. They work up a food plan for you which is great, we'll get that next week. They say that if you are wanting to lose or maintain your weight you should do something aerobic 5-6 times a week for 50-60 minutes. And it's OK to split it up in 2 or 3 increments, but that is more than I thought they'd suggest. And here I'm having a hard time with 20 minutes walking at the gym. So I'm going to try doing some walking in the parking lot at work, before I eat.

The weigh in wasn't so painful, well, I mean it was, of course, because I hate to look at the number, and the physiologist guy took my weight, so of course it's embarrassing, but oh well. And it seems I've shrunk an inch. How is that possible? I'm not that old that I'm shrinking, am I? Was it the 80's hair do when my hair was bigger? And all that means is that I have to lose an additional 4 lbs to be in a good goal. Crap.

So, don't forget to tell your Body today that you love it!



Blogger Gracie said...

What neat class! I wish we had someting like that down here.

I'm starting my 3rd month of WW online. Since I don't have scales I don't know how much I've lost but it is some(maybe 10lbs). I exercise about 60-90 minutes 4-5 times a week either walking or swimming with the kids. Last night I took our male black lab to the park and did about 2 miles. He is better about not pulling than our female lab. Anyway, I'm excited for you and wishing you much success!!


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