August 23, 2007
I live and move in a safe and secure world.

Ha, today's affirmation is a tad ironic because we had a major happening in our neighborhood last night. The Sherriff tried to serve an arrest warrent to someone who was in a house about 3 blocks away and the idiot shot through the front door and shot the cop. We had multiple helicopters swarming overheard for hours last night and the SWAT was called out, cops were everywhere. The idiot tried to flee the house and a canine cop got him. I hope he bit him HARD....I hope he drew blood and it gets infected....Things like this just do not normally happen in my neighborhood. The cop is expected to live, but geez, what is wrong with people.

I'm feeling good today despite having to deal with some female issues today. The good news is that I've gotten through it so far without a migraine! Woohoo! I think it could be because I have a better diet and I'm also taking Usana vitamins and I really think that makes a difference. So ya, me!

No knitting news to really report. I did a couple rows of the Prayer Shawl and then I went to bed early last night.

I'm so looking forward to the weekend, I'm going to maybe finally get the wallpaper border off in my bathroom and prep it for paint and I'm also going to a yarn store w/my friend sometime Saturday. I've never been to this store but it's not too far away and it looks like they have a huge selection of stuff! Can't wait.


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