August 16, 2007
I maintain my body at the highest level of health.

I've got somewhat of a food plan challenge today as I have plans to go out for lunch and dinner. So I'm having my healthy and balanced breakfast right now which includes a spelt tortilla, 2 soy based links of sausage from Whole Foods which surprisingly are very good, a slice of cheese, rolled into a burrito and dipped into sugar free syrup. Yummy! Oh, I'm also having a peach and coffee. I know that I'm having a greek salad with chicken for lunch so that isn't so bad. I'm meeting my Mamacita who has the day off today to get to 2 drs. appointments. We don't get to meet often for lunch so this is great. She hasn't tried Daphne's yet so that's where we are going. And then tonight I'm meeting my best bud for dinner and I've decided that I will be reasonable but I'm eating what I want...and I'm having a drinkiepoo! I think I may have a martini or a mojito. I need to find a new drink perhaps. I don't like sweet drinks so much and martinis are kind of overdone nowadays. Any ideas?

I had a nice email from my SP11 pal this a.m. Hi Pal!! What shall I call you? I think this is going to be a great Secret Pal session, I'm excited about it. I've received my Pal's info and I'm trying to read her blog and get a feel for who she is. At first glance, I'm feeling slightly intimidated about her, but I can't really tell you why. I'm going to do my best to spoil her. What a great concept it is that you do for someone but someone does for you as well solely out of the kindness of their heart. I just love the whole concept and I think it's a good life lesson because you learn to know someonen that otherwise may have never crossed your path.

I have a new love....his name is Wen. He was made by Chaz Dean, a local guy that I never heard of, probably because he's way out of my price range. I was introduced to my new love by Wendy Knits and I'm so glad I tried it. I ordered the tea tree cleansing conditioner and thought to myself that I better like this crap because it's kind of expensive, but oh my.....I love it! My hair loves it! It's so worth it and now I want to try all the other scents. I think next I'm going to try the fig one. You can thank me later! :)

We got an invitation to a chili cookoff in a couple weeks. The same cook-off that Mamacita won 1st place last year!! I didn't have a chance to ask her but I'm hoping she'll submit her chili again and I think I'll give it a go again too although I didn't even place last year. The theme this year is our favorite sports team. The hosts are major USC fans and will be in all their burgundy and gold glory I am sure. I think I need to find Minnesota Viking stuff for Mamacita and I to wear. Should be lots of fun!



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