August 20, 2007
My thoughts help create the perfect working environment.

This is a prayer shawl that I started this weekend for our neighbor who is 82 and lives alone and just had a pace maker put in. She came home yesterday after being in the hospital for about a week, her daughter says she looks totally different (better) within hours of being home. I think there is something to that. You are just more comfortable in your own surroundings. So Mamacita went to the store and picked out this Lions Brand Homespun yarn and it's really pretty. The colors don't really come through in the pic. It is striping slightly, but it looks nice. I should have it done this week. I got a lot done Saturday night and Sunday. It's about 3 times as long as in this pic. I'll probably add some fringe to it.

Friday afternoon I started to not feel well, like I had the flu. I got body aches and lethargy and a headache. Just felt pukey. It continued Saturday, just felt ehhh and ended up going back to bed Saturday afternoon and took a 3 hour nap. Mamacita woke me up for dinner, of which I could not eat, and I actually felt better. But then that night I couldn't sleep and was up until 2:30. Sunday I was feeling back to normal, but then after dinner I got a bad tummy again. Today I feel great. Stomach virus? Maybe.

I just ordered this comforter in Bay Leaf! Isn't it adorable!? I'm working in my room right now, decluttering and cleaning out closets. Major work for me, but I'm enjoying it becoming my sanctuary. I'm thinking of redoing my closet. And I want a water fountain in there. And I may paint in there too. I have really nice berber carpeting but I want to get a cool headboard, maybe like this. I really like this too!

We also are decluttering because we're having a yard sale the first Saturday of September. Yard Sales are such a pain in the ass in my not so humble opinion but I'd really like to get rid of some stuff and it's stuff that I can't just throw away. You know that thing, another persons junk is another's treasure. We had our big trash day this Saturday where you can put out anything (well almost), and so we had a neighbor come help and put out the old sofa couch and 2 upholstered chairs and I'll tell you, it took longer to get them out of the house and to the curb than it did for someone to come by and take our junk. We were happy.

Nothing else exciting going on.


Blogger Dixiechick said...

I love that prayer shawl... funny how prayer really changes things.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back here.

Blogger yh said...

The shawl looks great and you're so kind to make it for your neighbor.

Blogger Lulu said...

i love the colors of the prayer shawl...
i love the headboards..your room is going to be lovely..take pics, would love to see it..
hope its cooler up your way, it is right now down here...But i am afraid the hottness is coming later again..ugh....

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