August 22, 2007
The past is over and cannot be changed. Today is a new day.

I let him go... For my sanity, and because I'm tired of wondering and waiting and wanting and hoping. I told him not to call me anymore, to leave me alone. I told him that I deserve more than this and that is the good part. I know this. Now I'm open to finding the happiness I want. So although it makes me melancholy, i also know it's a positive and good thing to let him go.

One of my affirmations says "I dwell on positive thoughts"...Yep, that's me. Positive.


Blogger yh said...

Though I don't know what transpired... I'm sure you did it because you felt it had to be done. You are the best judge of what is best for yourself and so following your own gut and heart cannot be judged by anyone else. So long as you feel this is what had to be done, then it had to be done. ~Hugs~


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