August 21, 2007
There is a rhythm and flow to Life and I am part of it.

I'm in love with my boss! Ooohhh, sounds clandestine doesn't it...but truly, I'm so thankful to him because he's saved me from melting in our hot house. And all for about $30!!! I complained to him about our house and how we're just hot and sweaty and although we have ceiling fans and stand up fans, we're just dying. He told me about getting 2 box fans and putting them in two of the windows blowing OUT and to open the other windows, you do this when the house is warmer inside than it is outside. So I tried to find fans Friday but Walmart had none, I called Target who had none and that was when I was feeling pukey, so I gave up. So Monday I found the box fans as Lowes who had 67 in stock! And they were $13.67/each. I ran there after work, went home and put them up, one in the laundry room and one in Gary's room because you put them in a room you are not in because that room gets warmer and I'll be dipped if it didn't work! After about half an hour, the house was cooler and you could feel the air moving. It takes the hot hair from inside and blows it out and draws the cooler air in. Thank you Boss!!


Blogger BeccaGirl said...

We used to not have A/C and this is what we did. Although we had a huge metal window fan that was very strong. But yeah, it draws the hot air through and out! It works best if you can put them on one end of the house, open all the interior doors and the windows in most of the other rooms, it should make a huge difference!!! Crank those babies up to high and enjoy :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you guys ever thought of putting a "whole house" fan in your attic? I have friends who have done that and they say it makes a huge difference in the house without central air.


Blogger BeccaGirl said...

Ooo, yes, an attic fan! Those are great, it's on my list of 'must haves' if I ever get around to buying a house!

Blogger yh said...

I didn't know that.. wow.. what a great idea!! I'll have to use that idea... now to find box fans.. my apt gets so hot too!

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