August 8, 2007
Today I let Life provide all that I need.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Imperial Majesty Mitchypoo the Undefeated of Melbury Bubblewick
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Just call me Your Majesty.... hehehe

I'm up $1.36!!!! This is so much fun!

Had a 73 year old client kind of almost ask me out today.....ewww. But I'm laughing about it. I told my mom that now I only attract the decrepit.

Listening to Jazz today at work, I feel pretty mellow. Even though I got to bed a little later because the weight class ended at 9 pm. And my 2 new music obsessions are Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. Man they can sing. I love Amy's style, downloaded her to the shuffle. I'll be listening to her tomorrow while I have a 2 hr. appt. at the dentist.

The weight class was great. We're doing a food diary which is something I normally hate, but I'm getting a new attitude and just doing it. And the plan is slightly confusing and slightly not, there's a lot of choices, you just pick what you want to eat. I'm not giving up butter, I'll just eat less. I'll figure this out. Yesterday I had low blood sugar where I felt panicky and shaky and like I needed to eat. I think it's because I'm eating a lot of fruit and although it's natural, it's still sugar. And not so much protein, as in meat. I need to get some good choices of protein to have on hand. I'm happy with a big salad w/tomato and vinaigrette, but it'd be healthier with some protein. We had to bring a 4-6 oz. cup and bowl. My bowl looked small but it was bigger slightly. That is the portion for juice and for a snack. You can have what fits in the bowl. So I'm off to find a 4-6 oz. bowl, I think Pyrex has them. I give myself an A for effort today!

Have a great day!



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