September 11, 2007
How could we ever forget?

It's one of those days that you will never forget where you were when you first heard, will never forget the terror you felt in your heart, will never forget the images that we were forced to deal with. I only knew of one person who lived in NY, she is originally from the midwest and she's a family friend. She was named after my Mamacita and we knew she lived and worked near there. We also knew of her brother who is an airline pilot and we didn't know where he was or if he could have been one of the pilots. All turned out well for them, our friend in NY was near it but not harmed and the pilot was in Europe and was affected because it was a while before he was allowed to fly back to the states. We are so lucky not to have lost anyone, but I feel like I lost people anyway and I did. We all did. We lost our fellow Americans, our family.


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Remember and never forget!

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