September 16, 2007
How spoiled am I? :)

Sorry I didn't post until now Sassy...but I wanted to show each item and show how sweet and generous you have been to me and I didn't want to rush it. My wonderful SP11 whom I call Sassy sent me 2 wonderful recipe books from the Pampered Chef which I just love.
Really cute note pad/stationary with cute kitty motif, recipe cards and sheep sticky notes. How cute is that?!
The most beautiful color of purple project bag, I will definitely be using this for a sock pattern or something like that.
It's called a pot hanger, which I'm not sure but I guess you could hang it off a plant pot? But I think this cute kitty is going to have a special place on my desk at work so I can ooh and ahh after it!
A skein of beautiful Fjord yarn. It's soft and pretty and helped my yarn withdrawal. :)

An assortment of patterns, for kitty toys, etc. Does she know me or what?
A really cute card and 3...count them...3! skeins of really pretty cotton sock yarn. Well, I think this will just have to be for moi! I love these colors.
And....cuticle cream which is really cool and much needed, 2 MORE skeins of another sock yarn which I love and some soak containers.
And....look at this!!! Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen! It's a black face sheep named Heather. It's a figurine and she's wearing boots and a scarf and a knit hat. I simply love it and think I have another thing I'm going to have to collect! I think she'll also come live on my desk and greet all my customers!
Sassy, you really are the best. You took so much time and I feel you've really tried to get to know me. This SP11 has been fun so far and you are why. Thank you!
I even went to a new LYS on Saturday and I DID NOT buy any yarn for me! It was hard, but I controlled myself, especially since I have all this new yarn from Sassy. I got some goodies for my SP. I hope she likes it.
Have to go get cleaned up, we're going out to do some shopping.



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