September 1, 2007
I am 12 years old...

I was running an errand this morning and went by a street in my neighborhood and happened to look at the street sign! Look what somebody did.. Somebody turned Doner street into Boner street! It made me laugh...and yes, I'm 12 years old!

Here is a pic of the chocolate cheesecake I made for my bosses birthday! Everyone really liked it, my boss said it was the quality of what you'd get in a fancy restaurant. I did have a small piece and I enjoyed it. It had a chocolate crust made out of old fashioned chocolate wafers, tons of semisweet and bittersweet chocolate and lots of other yummy, full fat ingredients! It had a sourcream and sugar topping and then I piped the lattice and border.
And finally, this pic is for my friend P who thinks I should put more pics of me on my blog. So....there you go! :)


Blogger Lulu said...

Yummers, that cake looks so good...
you look beautiful..

Blogger jeanjeanie said...

Aw, pretty!

Also, snerk! That sign would have given me a fit of the giggles, too.

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