September 13, 2007
I love my job. My work is one of my greatest joys.

Yes, I do love my job, most of the time. But I have a bad case of don't want to be here. I'd rather be at home knitting, or on a beach soaking up some rays, or traveling Europe. I'd rather be anywhere right now. But I have dinner plans with my best bud tonight, so I guess I can make it thru the next 2 hours. Trying to decide what to drink tonight. I'd like to try something new. I'm starting to think martini's are so last year. Which I don't care too much about it being out of style, but I'd like to find another satisfying cocktail. Wine is always a good go to for me, but I want a cocktail is that isn't too foo foo or too sweet. What do you suggest?

I'm over the customer service situation and enjoying my hand cream without guilt. I appreciate the comments because I know I shouldn't have had to pay for their mess up.

Today is Thursday Thirteen and I haven't posted and I don't care...I just don't feel like playing so much these days.

I guess the fact that the one guy I recently said goodbye to called me today at work is really bothering me right now. I feel snarky again... I was totally caught off guard when he called. My boss happened to be in my office when he did. I answered as usual and it went something like this...
him: "Hi, I need help..." (thinking he could be an actual customer, i say...)
me "How can I help you. "
him: "Hi, it's me. "
me: "Oh....hi."
him: "Hi, how are you?"
me:" doesn't really matter, does it?"
him: "Well, I didn't want to bother you at work, but it does really matter to me how you are."
me: " Mmmm hmmm" as in, ya, right...
him: "well, i'll talk to you later."
me: "k, bye." Quick click. Geez, leave me alone. You don't want to be who you told me you were and showed me you were in the beginning so why put me thru this over and over? Stupid men.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You dumped him, Michelle. His ego can't stand it. Don't go back!


Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

I've had the same feelings about work recently, so I applied for another job just for the fun of it. I don't even care if I get considered, it made me feel like I have the freedom to leave which then made me feel even more appreciative about the job I have. Does that make any sense at all?

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