September 9, 2007
I'm a Winner!

Looky who won 3rd place at the Chili Cook-off! There were 10 entries and the party was a lot of fun.
Here's what I won, a really nice 3rd place medal, a USC poster, a Chili oven mitt and kitchen towel and a really cute chili candle holder. How cool is that!?
Mamacita didn't end up wearing Viking garb. And we forgot our camera and we forgot that we had camera phones, so we took a few pics after getting home. The party was fun! And my friends Mother who usually doesn't have a whole lot of anything to say to me came up to me just to compliment me on my hair, she loved it, told me it was very complimentary on me, she was really sweet. And an old friend who hadn't seen my hair yet also liked it. She said she didn't recognize me at first. The oddest thing was I saw a pic of me at the party from last year and I hated it and I think I looked bigger and the old friend asked me how much I've lost since last year! She thought I lost at least 20 lbs. Amazing.



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