September 17, 2007
One of those days

Yesterday we went to do some shopping, got some dinner and ate at my brother's place. Then I had a little cleaning spurt and was working on the cat box and converting it because we got a Litter Locker and we were using litter pan sifting bags (which didn't really work so well), so I had to get in this tight spot to sweep and scrape because it's on the side of the washing machine and then I whacked my head......and HARD.... on the corner cabinet that was above me. Oh my hurt...Mamacita had me sit down and gave me an ice pack. I was sure I was bleeding, but didn't find any blood. Dang that hurt!

This morning when waking up I had a headache, so I probably got a little concussion and I just wanted to relax and so I called in to work. I'm still in my jammies and why change now? It's actually been nice to knit and take it easy. I'm determined now to get the MS3 stole done.

It's cooled down here and I feel Autumn in the air. And that spurs my knitting bug as well.

Time to go lay down now...


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