September 14, 2007
Sassy is so sweet!

I got home a little late last night because my best bud and I finally were able to go have some dinner. I went to wait for her at the bar and the drink I settled on was a Pomegranate Pear martini and it was pretty and yummy. I ended up waiting about an hour for her to arrive, she called me and was really upset at her hubby, I guess he was a little late getting home, but it was OK with me because I needed to just relax a bit. We had a nice dinner, good conversation.

But looky what was waiting for me when I got home. And of course, Tom Tom has to be in the picture, somehow, someway!

I was so excited to open it!

And all I can say is.... WOW!!!!! I am going to show you all the goodness later today or over the weekend, but let's just say that my pal who I affectionately named Sassy is THE BEST!! Talk about thoughtful and I truly am spoiled. I mean, even the way she packaged everything is so dang cute! See...see!

The one thing I did pull out was a toy mouse which as you can see, Tom is totally enjoying!

Thank you Sassy! You really made me smile!



Blogger R a i n said... have a very very generous SP!!

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