October 8, 2007
I am open and receptive to receiving all the gifts that Life has to give me.

I had a nice weekend. Friday night I had my burrito and it was soooo good! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I counted the points and I was still on plan. And then I felt satisfied and the craving was gone and I was on plan for the rest of the weekend. We kind of talked about my burrito obsession at the meeting on Friday and there was advice on what to do, some said I could make my own with healthier choices like black beans or whole wheat tortillas, or a smaller tortilla, etc. Some said, have it and enjoy it and move on. I chose to have it and it was a good choice for me.

Saturday Mamacita and I had a spa appointment. She had a spa pedicure and I had a massage. I was a little nervous because they only had a guy therapist but this is a nice spa and I know they are professional and he was great, I liked Bob a lot. He definitely got rid of my stress and I felt fantastic. Mamacita and I then took a drive along the beach which was beautiful and then we stopped for lunch at a place right on the beach. The restaurant has a Hawaiian theme and we had a wonderful glass of pinot grigio and a really beautiful Shrimp and Crab Louie salad. I even took a picture! See... oh, forget it, my camera pic is too grainy. But believe me, it was beautiful and it was a really nice salad.

Saturday afternoon I napped, I knit, I read, I cooked. It was nice.

I also started the Secret of the Stole Hint 1 that came out Friday and I finished it Sunday. I really like the pattern and can't wait for the next Hint this Friday!

I've made a goal to exercise 3 times this week I will start tonight after work.


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