October 18, 2007
I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth. I listen to what I say. I no longer gossip or repeat negative stories.

I like today's affirmation and I really try to live that, especially about the gossip. I think it's very wrong and often hurtful and I don't like doing it. I think it's because I work in a small work environment and so I don't deal with it so much, but I remember and the gossip is just toxic. You choose your behavior.

My poor Mamacita, she went to the grocery store on the way home from visiting my brother last night and she got all the way home, about 10 miles away, and realized she left her handbag in the cart in the parking lot. She came in the house in a panic. She called the store right away, the manager told her to call back in 5 minutes, but it was gone. She lost everything! Her cell phone, her wallet, her lipsticks, her address book, her favorite nail file, her license, some credit cards. She got busy calling and cancelling all her accounts. What a pain in the patooty, but what can you do?

Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm excited! I'm doing very well. I just feel it!!


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