October 15, 2007
My boss is generous. I always feel appreciated at work. As I value Life, Life values me.

I had a post going and then we lost power, and I just know I said something brilliant and now I can't remember!

The weekend was really pretty good. We celebrated Gary's birthday with cake and presents on Friday night after I brought him home and then Saturday we went to dinner and that was fun. And I had a great dinner, a little splurging but still did well on my daily points. And I weighed this a.m. and I was down! How about that, I can really enjoy life and still lose. This is what it's suppose to be like, I'm sure of it.

I got the 2nd hint this Friday for the Secret of the Stole and completed it last night. I love the pattern. It's not too difficult, but still challenging enough to keep me inspired. I've heard some grumping on the yahoo thread and I stay out of it. There is just no way to make everyone happy with a large group like this and I choose to not listen to the negativity. I'll show you a pic but until it's blocked I don't think it shows how pretty it is.
After seeing some blogs I seem to be the only Californian who didn't venture out to see Crazy Aunt Purl. Oh, I would have, I love her, but I had to babysit and fighting traffic and parking is not really my thing. I heard she did really well as I knew she would.

I think it's going to rain tonight, it's overcast and gloomy, but I love this weather. Guess I'll have to put away the sandals with heels and get some closed toe shoes.


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