November 19, 2007
The abundance of the Universe is available to everyone. I am grateful for all that I have received in life.

I think Sunday's migraine was the worst I've ever had. I thought at one point I'd have to go in to urgent care because it just got worse and worse. And the prescription stuff didn't help it at all. I took it and then went to bed with a warm heat pack for my neck. I tossed and turned. My blinds were closed but it was too light in my room, I covered my eyes with the blanket, and then I felt smothered. I was miserable, I went to the kitchen to warm the heat pack and Mamacita was there and I almost lost it, I was almost panicked because I was in so much pain. She told me to go into her room and she'd close the blinds and the doors and it was dark. I took a muscle relaxer and then layed in her bed with our cat Henry. He comforted me and I then was able to fall asleep. I woke up about 3 hours later feeling much better. It's weird how you feel like you have a hangover after a migraine, that's how I feel anyway, but I was fine then. I have asked to go to a chiropractor and I'm waiting for the referral, I think that will help.



Blogger Sassy Knitter said...

You found your Sassy!!

I am your SP11! I have had so much fun putting together your package. I have been slack here lately due to a couple things with work and personal. I am sorry for that!!

I wish you were next door! You seem to be such a wonderful person. I would love to sit and knit and chat with you!!

I wanted to respond to so many of your posts - NOW I CAN!!

Take care and enjoy your final box when it gets there!

Hugs and Kisses!!

Sassy (Laurie)

Blogger Sassy Knitter said...

Try Vitamin B6 for your migraine. Take every day!

Also- get eyes checked. I had them more often when I had wire framed glasses because they tend to bend and the lenses were making me feel "Car Sick". It had something to do with the angels of the lenses.

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