November 5, 2007
I know that many new adventures lie before me, and I am eager to experience them all.

It really sucks not having a computer at home. I really hate it and how dependent I've become on one. This weekend wasn't so bad, I had a lot of other stuff to do. We went looking for computers and are now thinking of getting a wireless laptop. My bud let me borrow her laptop, so that'll help in the meantime.

I started a pair of Monkey Socks and I love the pattern! Although I wish I could convert it to toe up because I don't like grafting the toe. I have knitting ADD right now, I have too many projects on the needles. And I got my 10 lb. earned yarn stash in the mail and now I want to start a felted bag for me. Another project I really shouldn't start right now.

Have to get my coffee swap package out in 2 weeks, and believe it or not, I'm on top of it! I'm having trouble with a certain coffee company sending me my coffee, but I ordered a backup and it'll be here soon.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks, ok, almost 3 and then Christmas is here. I'm feeling festive already! Honestly, I am. And I'm ahead of the game and I feel good about it all. I'm going to decorate and bake and sing carols and drive everyone crazy with how cheery I am!! Can't wait!!



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