November 1, 2007
My pets help me experience unconditional love. I provide a safe, loving environment for them. I love my pets.

Give of yourself. Work for the betterment of your
community or the world. Do what you can to benefit others. Be generous. What you give out always comes back to you.

Wow, I had an eye-opener first thing this morning at work. Here I am feeling the mean reds about my petty problems, or maybe not so petty, and then our customer comes in to pay his accounts and he's older and his wife was taken to the hospital last night. She has a massive brain tumor and a lung problem and they don't think she'll make it. He's been married to her for 53 years. He broke down telling me about it. I told him how sorry I was, I asked him if he needed a hug and he did and my heart broke for him. He's usually a little gruff with everyone, but I realized today, he's just a sweet man who's heart is breaking because he's losing his life partner.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Ugh! That is so sad :*(

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