November 6, 2007
Today I will very consciously "do one thing at a time."

Need some weightloss inspiration? This helped me today. And it confirms my idea to weigh daily to keep myself accountable. I'm doing very well with my efforts to lose weight. If only I could get out there and exercise... just can't seem to figure that one out yet. Haven't heard anything about the heart tests, so no news is good news. And now it's almost dark when I get home so I lost that window to go walking, or maybe that's an excuse. But it's safer to walk in the daylight. I guess since I'm still losing while not exercising it doesn't seem to get to me and truth is, I don't wanna... Waahhh!!

Don't have a whole lot to report, no FO's, computer at home still down.

Oh, is anyone watching The Bachelor? Well I got sucked in and I'm totally in LOVE with this Bachelor. Oh, my, he is so yummy, and on top of that he's a very decent man. I just think he's adorable. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a movie career because of his looks. Keep an eye out for Brad Womack!



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