November 28, 2007
Today was a good mail day!

I love coming home and having packages waiting for me and it's a really good day if there is a magazine in the mail too. So today I had 3 packages waiting for me and 3, count them, 3 magazines! See, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

So I got a package from amazon, i ordered some cd's for my bro and Mamacita wanted a polka CD for a gift for Gary's roommate. For some reason, his roommate loves polka and it isn't that easy to find polka music but I knew amazon would have it.

Then I got this:This is the possum yarn!! The first pic shows more of the true color. It's a pretty maroon color or maybe more a wine maroon. The yarn is a single and feels nice and soft. Not sure what I was expecting. So now, what to make with this lovely. I'm thinking a hat, I'll have to look around and find just the right project. I can't wait to knit it up and see what it looks like.
And then I opened this: This is Chewy Spaghetti in the Colorway "Fresh" and I think it is so lovely! This is for me! I'm making a pair of socks for me and I can't wait! All of this yarn is my 15 lb. yarn. My reward I give myself for every 5 lbs. that I lose! I'll hit 20 soon, I'm sure of it, so I'll have to get my yarn order ready!
Too bad I have to work during the day, I'd be happy knitting all day, especially with all this yarny goodness! K, time for bed to go see my new mags!



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