December 18, 2007
Fair Rosamund

I found the blog that has a knit version of this beautiful sweater that I can not wait to knit! It's on the blog Stranded on Fair Isle...It's going to be my first project in the New Year. And it may take me all of 2008 to get it done, but we'll see, you never know, I might surprise you and get it done in a timely manner. The plan is to order the yarn in January for sure. Then I may do the scarf and tam to get used to the stranded fair isle knitting and then I'll start the sweater. OOOOOOhhhhh, I can't wait!

I've had too much wine tonight...i'm admitting it. Time for me to go to bed.

But first, here is some pics of finished projects that I wrapped up tonight for Christmas gifts!



Blogger Sassy Lucy said...

Those are very beautiful....should you mix wine & knitting?? LOL
I'm sorry for this, but Tag You're It...come to my blog.

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