December 10, 2007
I'm a lucky girl!

Oh my! I had the nicest surprise when I got home tonight! A package, my final package from my super duper fantastic Secret Pal! It's Laurie or who I affectionately call Sassy. She TOTALLY spoiled me, I mean, the SP Gods were very nice to me! And I'm going to be a schlep and not show you my goodies right now, because I came home feeling like my arms have 20 lb. weight on them. I'm over tired and not feeling well. I have to go to bed, like now. But wait until you see, I'll let you know one thing - I have 8 new skeins of yarn! Yes, 8!! And it's all gorgeous and some that I've never used before but always wanted to. I can't wait to show you! I'll try tomorrow, promise. Thank you Sassy, you ROCK!!



Blogger Sassy Lucy said...

You sound like me when I get new fabric.

Mitchy I just blogrolled you, but I want you to let me know if I misinterpreted anything....I have you in my Universe blog for my pals who are not moms, tell me I got it correct, and if I didn't no offense meant and I will fix it toot sweet.

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