December 30, 2007
Lazy Sunday...

My sleep schedule is all messed up and I'm feeling out of sorts because of it. Yesterday we got up late, I didn't get cleaned up and dressed until 2 p.m. I did the grocery shopping, it was good to get out for awhile. Then we made Beef Fiorino which I was hungry for (recipe to follow). After dinner I was so tired and wanted to nap for just 1 hour. But it ended up being a 3 hr. nap and I've decided I'm not a good napper. Not for the 20 minute power nap anyway. Or even an hour nap. So then I was up and couldn't get to bed.

Beef Fiorino

1 round steak or top round steak, trimmed of fat
bacon, about 3-4 slices, fried and crumbled
2 cups minute rice
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup sour cream
1 can mushroom pieces, with liquid
1 clove garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. dried parsley

Cook bacon in large pan, take out to cool and crumbled. Season round steak
with salt and pepper on both sides and over high heat, brown steak, about 2-3
minutes on each side. Place round steak on cookie sheet with large piece
of heavy duty foil on top. Mix rice with all other ingredients and place this
mixture on top of steak. If there is too much rice, put leftover in a separate
baking dish. Wrap steak around rice and seal not too tightly. Bake at 350 for 1

I've found podcasts and I'm loving them. I got an ipod Nano for Christmas and I guess I've heard about podcasts but really didn't get it until now. I've been downloading meditations and knitting podcasts and I have some guided meditations that I'm really enjoying. One is specifically for weight loss and emotional eating. So, if you know of any cool podcasts, please leave me a comment re: that, I'd love to know about it.

The plan for New Years Eve is to go to my best bud's house and we're going to have a Prime Rib dinner with her famous garlic bread and then we're going to sit in the jacuzzi with some champagne! Ohh, I can not wait.

I have to work tomorrow and I'll be alone which is fine with me. It will be very quiet I am sure.

I finished the possum merino foliage hat on Friday evening but I haven't taken pics yet. It's a tad big, but that is OK with me because I don't particularly like hats that are binding. I'll post pics later.

I've been thinking about what I want in the year 2008. I really do not want to make resolutions, they don't work, but there are goals and things I am still working on.

The biggest being my weightloss, that is an ongoing thing for me. Another thing I decided is that any socks that I make are going to be for ME! Yep, I've decided to be a selfish knitter. I have one pair of my own handknitted socks and they have seen better days. So this is going to be the year of socks for Mitchypoo! I may work on hats or scarfs or other small items for others, but the socks are mine! I'll have to start a log I think.

It's also going to be a year of decluttering and I'm going to start going thru my boxes in the garage from my move over 2 years ago. Time to decide what stays and what goes.

I also have some business ventures that I want to work on and start. It's going to be a great 2008! I just feel it!

Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you a happy and blessed 2008!



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