December 17, 2007
My body is always talking to me. Today I take the time to listen.

Busy, busy weekend! And expensive for my poor Mamacita! We had an early Christmas celebration with family friends Saturday afternoon/evening and while getting ready for that Saturday morning Mom had to run to the store. Then she called and she couldn't start her car. So I was going to go get her and then she called again and it started so she was on her way home. So she gets home and the car won't start, won't do anything and the car alarm wouldn't lock or open. I thought it was the car alarm, i tried to reset it. I did get it going, but the car wouldn't turn over. So we had to leave it go for now and get ready for our company. Then we started having plumbing problems, Mamacita was able to take a shower but when I did shortly after, the shower and toilet overflowed....over everything. So then I had to get out of the shower, I didn't even get my hair washed... and then we're sweeping this water out the front door and then my back started killing me from the twisting motion. We had to turn off the water. It was a mess, but we got thru the dinner, had a wonderful time actually. Mamacita made lasagne and we had my best bud's Julie's special garlic bread which is very tasty (read: fattening!) and a green salad, good wine and for dessert Mamacita made a coconut cream cheesecake. YUM!!

So Sunday we got a plumber in who fixed the drain, and although it was expensive the man was very nice and didn't charge Mamacita the $100.00 Sunday Service Charge and then we called AAA and they replaced her battery and all is good!

Mamacita and I went to a dinner together with a group last night, so it was dinner out again but I was able to make a good choice and even with all the eating and festivities I was down this morning on the scale! I had all the regular food but I watched my portions and I ate good early in the day so I could afford it. And last night at dinner I had a nice salad with steak on it. So it's your choices sometimes, not what you eat that makes the difference.

I realized last night that I did not knit all weekend....not one stitch!! And I miss it. My left hand is aching today and I must be having withdrawals or something. I have shopping to do tonight and blocking of some scarves and wrapping and..., so not sure when I'll get some knitting done. I'd sure like to finish Cherie Amour to wear for Christmas but not likely that that will happen. Unless I can find the knitting elves and ask them to help me!

We're getting cold temps and rain tomorrow....but I'm not complaining. No, sirree. I feel awful for those in the snow and cold and ice, the weather seems drastic this winter in some parts.

I have a surprise coming in February! Can't tell you just now...


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