December 21, 2007
Today I give myself permission to be prosperous.

There was no post today for Friday's Feast which I'm kind of bummed about...oh well...Merry Christmas! They should tell you before Friday, or find someone else who'd like to come up with questions. For God's sakes, it's like 5 difficult is that?

Mamacita and I had some homemade yummy pasta last night for dinner. She cooked up some rotelli and small tube shaped pasta together and then we added a store bought sauce... it's Vodka sauce, I think it was this one. We just heated it on the stove, drained the pasta, added the sauce and stirred. We put it in a bowl, added some Parmesan cheese and it was yummy! No meat was needed to complete the meal. We did have some steamed veggies with it.

I also had eggnog last night! Talk about putting you in the spirit, I was making a cheesecake and drinking warm eggnog with Glenfidditch in it! Yum!

Will the day ever end?'s dragging and all I want to do is leave, pick up my brother and go home and wrap presents. I'm trying to still be in the spirit at work, but it's hard. I did bring in a gift for my bosses and I brought them a coconut cream cheesecake. I gave my guy boss a pair of my knit socks and he really seemed to like them. I gave my girl boss a entrelac scarf and she seemed underwhelmed. It was kind of disappointing to me. She said something like, "how did you know I needed a new scarf"... but I guess I just thought she'd like it more. Here's a link to the scarf if you are on ravelry (and want to see if it's fugly and that's why she reacted that way). I think it's pretty, i guess maybe it wasn't her style, although I made it in that style especially for her. They gave me a card and some cash. It'll come in handy and I do appreciate it.

Oh my, oh my, I received one of Mamacita's gifts in the mail yesterday and I cannot wait to show you because it's something I've looked for and wanted to do for her for a long time and the actual product I found is soooo nice! But just in case she sees this blog I'll have to wait until after Christmas to tell you!

Aw, not fair....Mamacita gets to go home early today from work.....waaaaahhhhh!! I want to go home.


Blogger Sniz said...

That sounds fun...drinking warm eggnog while making cheesecake. I love romance and the Bible too.

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