January 25, 2008
Friday's Feast

How many times per day do you usually laugh? I'd guesstimate about 50 times per day. I find humor in a lot of things, I laugh at myself!

What do your sunglasses look like? They are large black frames with crystals on the top and side of the frame. Kinda Nicole Richie-like.

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go? South Carolina~to see someone who is special to me.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city. I have hills behind me, it's pretty.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best? Pink.



Blogger Jocelyn said...

I love hills too! :)

Blogger peppylady said...

I would or i think I would have trouble living in flat land.
Anyhow thanks for stopping in at my feast earlier.
You ask if I live in Canada or the US . I live in Northern Idaho not far from the Canadian border.

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