January 27, 2008

I love getting packages in the mail and Friday's mail did not disappoint! I had this package sent all the way from Malaysia! How cool is that, I can say I've never before received anything from Malaysia.
Inside was a lovely package from Cheryl. Thank You! It includes a lovely pair of pink heart earrings that she made for me out of clay. They are just adorable. It also includes heart fabric, heart ribbon, heart envelopes and a cross stitch heart Christmas Noel ornament. I'm in a Swap-Bot exchange for Valentines where we send heart items to our pal and she was a little early. She also reminded me to send my items to my pal by the end of the month...deadlines! It was really cool receiving this. Thank you again!
Then I had a post office notice to pick up a package, which always make me nervous, but Mamacita picked it up for me because I had a suspicion it was my package from Germany....Wollmeise!!!
Look how pretty she packaged my coveted skein of yarn! And she included the cutest little sample skein of a colorway called Suzanne. I savored the package, looked at the detail and was so excited to open it, but also I waited to just experience it.
And here is my lovely Wollmeise in the Bob colorway!! All the way from Germany. It is just a really lovely skein of yarn and the colors are vibrant. I have to find just the perfect pattern to totally show off this yarn. So I think I get it now, what all the hoopla is about this yarn and the problem is....I need more!
Here's a cute Tom pic just to show you how terribly sweet he is.
And here is another yarn purchase I just made from Sock Pixie. I love this colorway called Chocolate Cherry. Don't you just want to eat it! It's lovely and I can't wait to make me a pair of socks. And here is what I've been working on since Thursday. This is a pair of socks I'm working on made out of the new Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. This is color S102 and it looks very different in the skein and has turned into my rainbow socks. I like the colors and I like how it gradually moves into another color but I'm still on the fence if I like this yarn. And I know I'm committing blasphemy because there are so many devotees of Noro but it's just not my favorite yarn. The best part is the colors and how they gradually move into the other. But the hand feel is not so great, although when I put the first finished sock on it feels soft and really nice, but it just isn't a soft and squishy yarn. And there are sections where it is thick and thin and I'm not sure I like that either. So I'm still going to finish this pair and see how it wears and launders. Don't hate me cuz I'm maybe not such a fan of Noro.
We're having a wonderful winter storm here in LA. We've got wind and rain, and in some parts not too far away we have SNOW, and we've had sleet, hail and even a friggin' tornado! We have 2 major travel routes that at one point were shut down because of the snow, very, very odd for us Angelenos. But I have to say, I love this weather. It makes me want to make soup, put on a pot of tea, knit and cuddle.
K, I have to go make some tea and put on a pot of soup... :)


Blogger The Mama Bear said...

I am a bad girl....I covet thy yarn, and I covet those socks, they look so lovely and warm.
Silly question, do you do anything with the foreign stamps you get? We collect stamps here, and if you would consider it, it would be wonderful if you would send them to us. I can give you my address via email...sassylucylootoo@yahoo.com
I really need to learn to knit now.
That german yarn is so colorful.
The Mama Bear

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