January 28, 2008
Today I open up to my own true power.

Do you know your true power? I think I do but sometimes it's easy to forget. For me sometimes it's easier to see how someone treats me instead of how I allow them to treat me. Know what I mean? I'm in charge of me and who I have around me and the behavior that I'll accept. So today I know my own true power and will only allow goodness near me.

An update on the dead body....there was no dead body and that is why there was nothing in the paper about it. There was mention of the man missing and that they found his car. That was his car in our parking lot, but no sign of the man. Thursday we had a whole slew of cops here again and they had a bloodhound searching across the street. They also mentioned in the paper that a rock pit quarry was searched with divers over last weekend, but no sign of the man. The bad info came from our icky UPS man. Should have known.

This UPS man, oh, how I can't stand him. We here in CA usually have these really cute delivery men, but he is nothing but cute. It's not that he's short and not my cup of tea. The reason why is because when I first started he wasn't very friendly, he liked the other girl in the office I guess and it was probably because he doesn't like overweight people. He was talking to the boss and he was talking about his new wife and that she was pregnant but he warned her that if she got fat....and he just went on and on and I was just appalled. First because she married him after knowing what a jerk he is...and that he would treat her that way. Well guess what? She had the baby and she's now unemployed and...she's fat. She is having trouble taking off the baby weight. I take no pleasure in it, especially for her, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking that he's getting what he deserves. Karma can really suck.


Blogger The Mama Bear said...

Powerfil....knowing your own true power, I don't know if I do.

Creepy story about the UPS guy.

Blogger Tori said...

Michele, You are not only powerful but reminding others of their power. Very cool! Glad there wasn't a body, now there is hope. So many people have overwhelming problems, hope they find him safe and sound. Too many people like the UPS guy! It would be even more fitting if HE got fat and had to work as hard as a woman who's just had a baby to take it off ;-). I'm trying to do the Jessica Seinfeld Deceptively Delicious and Sneaky Chef Missy Chase Lapine thing too. Do you have a good blender? I think that is what I'm lacking.... Take care!

Anonymous TurtleLover said...

It is so important to remember your inner power, but so easy to forget it as well. Hurray for you!

I work with a Doc just like your UPS guy. He actually had the nerve to call one of the RNs "over her ideal body weight"- jerk! I hope he never finds a woman insecure enough to marry him, but if he does I hope she gets really, really fat!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michele, Thanks for the reminder of our own true power. It is just too easy to forget.


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