February 24, 2008

Here is Julie, Sandy, Mamacita and me.
Sandy and Bob. Gosh I'll miss them.

I think the dinner was a success. The table was beautiful. Springy and pretty but also with a touch of class. We used Mamacita's beautiful Rosenthal china and my Wallace Silverware.

The salad was the best part for me. I loved the combination of the vinaigrette dressing I made which was kind of light with a small tang from the white wine vinegar and the dijon mustard and then the candied pecans and the bleu cheese. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

The candied carrots Mamacita made were fabulous, the tenderloin was OK. Well everyone seemed to really enjoy it, but I was very critical and what I didn't like was the fact that I didn't get the quality I wanted in the beef tenderloin or the lobster. The tenderloin wasn't trimmed properly and the way it was butterflied made it a little hard to wrap and tie. And then the bearnaise sauce, well it curdled and I was terribly disappointed. The only difference was that the eggs were taken from the fridge and were cold and I think they should have been room temperature. Anyway, I was really upset about it but they all said the taste was still there and they ate it all anyway.

The dessert as always was fabulous. I had a small piece but the remainder was given to Julie because Mamacita and I didn't want the leftovers.

Sandy and Bob are moving to VA. They brought pics of their new house and it's just lovely! Gosh, she's been such a great friend to me. Julie and I plan to visit VA as soon as possible, maybe this fall.

This morning I have a headache (perhaps a bit too much wine?...) and my body is feeling the affects of running all day.

On to the next meal...


Blogger Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Wow! Your dinner sounds so yummy! And the table was beautiful. Way to go pulling it off nicely. ♥ Your friends are lucky to have you ♥

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