February 4, 2008
I accept opportunities when they come my way. I feel confident about my future.

And I have a secret to tell......I have a date tomorrow!

And I'm nervous, and anxious, and excited! It's kind of a big deal for me because I've been out of the dating scene for well over a year... But I put myself out there again and just happened to meet what appears to be a really nice and genuine guy. We get along well on the phone, he's interesting. So we'll see how it goes in person...

Good vibes, prayers....appreciated. I really want to share life with someone special.



Blogger The Mama Bear said...

Relax, you will be fine.
I hope you have a good time, just remember that no matter what happens have fun.
And I want details afterwards.
Mama Bear

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll keep sending positive energy your way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lady Jane...

It's Mary Kay...I'm excited for you too. Where did you meet this person? One of these days...it'll be my turn.

Hugs and Best to You!
Mary K from MI

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