February 26, 2008
I am capable and worthy of clarity, insight, and peace of mind.

Just some random thoughts...

I think I've recovered from the dinner party. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun and the best part is that now the house is nice and clean! Oh, there are still areas to work on, but it's much nicer now that we cleaned and organized and threw out a bunch of crap. How it's possible to collect so much stuff is beyond me. It's a constant problem. And I really need to work on my organization of my yarn stash. That's not going away anytime soon and seems to keep growing.

It was my guy's special milestone Birthday yesterday! I wasn't able to spend time with him but I know he had a good birthday. If you are questioning who my guy is, because I was recently going to date that loser that didn't work out, and now I have a guy, well, he's the same guy whom I met over a year ago. The one who flew out to meet me in person. We met on eharmony. We've been up and down, it's been a long journey, but we are back on and I'm happy about it!

I had a facial and microdermabrasion last week! I've never had microderm before and it was really cool. Very pampering. I found this great place and all they do is skin care. The microderm really did improve my skin, especially since I now have clear skin thanks to Proactiv. And it didn't irritate my skin like it sounds like it would. They warned me that I may break out because of the deep cleaning but I've had none of that.

My best bud's birthday (say that 3 times fast....best bud's birthday...best..) is this week. We are exactly a week apart! We were born in the same hospital. I may have been in the same nursery with her even at one time. That's when they kept the Mom's and babies for awhile. Yes, this shows that I'm old...

Top Chef Season 4 is starting Mar 12! Yee! I love that show. I hope we have some real talent this time and not so many stupid stunts this time around. And I hope Padma cools it...she's a little hard to take sometimes. That accent of hers can get to be like nails on a chalkboard after awhile. Or is it just me? Or is it because I'm a woman and all the men just drool over her? She is pretty, I'll give her that.

I started another pair of Firestarters with KPPPM Koigu and wait til you see the colors! I LOVE IT!



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