February 11, 2008
I am good enough just as I am.

Look what I purchased for myself! Ingenuitea! I've bought this as a gift for several people, but I ended up with no tea for Mitchypoo. I'm making an effort to drink green tea instead of coffee because of the health benefits and it's also known to help your weightloss efforts and that interests me. And I love the taste of green tea. I'm so happy I have my own Ingenuitea and 4 different varieties of green tea. I'm keeping mine at work to enjoy throughout the day. If you would like to try Adagio Tea I have in my sidebar a sign up to receive a $5 gift certificate. This is a great company and you won't receive a bunch of junk mail and spam if you try them.

I got over "the non-date" and I thank you all for your comments. I did realize early that it said a lot about his character and he showed he that either he is too anxious of a guy or a demanding and controlling person. I want no part in it.

But I think the stress of it all got to me and I came down sick at work Thursday morning and went home and was out Friday too. The weekend was horrible, not feeling good and still upset. But I did get a lot of knitting done. I finished my Firestarter's and they are way cool! See...

They are really comfy. See the cool cable on the side of the foot and then again on the side of the leg? See the different gusset, I just love this pattern from Yarnissima. And I love the yarn! It's Koigu KPPPM. Must get more Koigu!!

But the yarn goodness still kept arriving on my doorstep last week. Check out my yarn pr0n! And yes, that is my real nails! I can't believe how this new stuff my boss told me about strengthens my nails and allows them to grow. It's called Nailtique, Formula 2. It's a protein and somehow this stuff works! My boss told me because she's always had thin flexible puny nails but she started using this and now she actually has nails. I have pretty strong nails, but this make them really strong and hard and I can go without polish and they feel good. And you can put polish on top of it too. It's amazing stuff.. Anyway....way off track there, but I'm impressed with my nails for once. Isn't the yarn lovely too! I love, love, love this yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. Love me some CTH!!!

And then I got this beauty because I've never used Shibui Knits Sock yet and had to try it. It is lovely yarn and I love this green.

Oh, and I've also started the Fair Rosamund Tam and it's going well. Pics in the camera still. Will show you when it's complete. Maybe tonight if I stay up late.

I'm having one of those Mondays. I'm behind at work, trying to catch up and things are not going well. Is it time to go home yet??



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