February 6, 2008
I expand my world by loving everyone.

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The date never happened. I was late from work about a half hour, I rushed home and was back in the car and he had called while I was getting ready, I was about to call him to tell him I was on my way, I shouldn't be late, but if I hit traffic, I might be a little late. I reached him and told him that. He was waiting already. He called me back 1 minute later and said to forget it, he was going home and he was upset that I could be late, he said that first impressions are everything. He hung up on me. I tried to call him back to talk to him but I couldn't believe what he was doing. He turned his phone off and it went right to voice mail, I did not leave a message... Let's just say I'm really upset, but I'm glad I found out he was a jerk before even having to meet him.

I've had people tell me that he let his anxiety get to him, that he chickened out and this kind of makes sense because it's too weird how he flipped. A gentleman would have had no problem waiting for me. I've had someone tell me that his first impression shows he's neurotic and demanding and I totally agree and want no part of that. And the same person said that he hopes he has a bad case of the trots today! And I have to agree... ;)

I probably shouldn't listen to Country Western music today at work, it sometimes makes me melancholy and I'm already on the very verge of tears.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only important First Impression here is your impression of him. He's certainly proven that he is not worth another thought.

Actually, he sounds just like my sister's X. Good Riddance!

If you're ready to find a forever relationship, hold that thought, but never settle. He's out there.

Gandalf & Grayson's Mom

Blogger The Mama Bear said...

First do not let him weigh you down, he made a horrid first impression....you were considerate and called.
He isn't worth another thought.
Happiness is out there, for you and all.
Have faith.
Mama Bear

Anonymous livin with me said...

I agree- first impressions are everything and my first impression of him? He sounds like a jerk. Certainly not someone you would want to be with- better to find out sooner rather than later.


Anonymous Kris said...

Ick. He sounds like a spoiled brat. Not worth your time or energy. Better to find out now. Someone far better will come along...

Blogger Tori said...

That is just very wierd! I would have probably thought he was joking at first because it's just way out of line not to be a joke. You were very nice and curteous to call. A lot of people wouldn't because they'd think it wouldn't be a big deal to be a few minutes late. Glad he showed his true side right away for your sake and feel sorry for anyone who spends time with him if this is how he treats people. Anyway, Take care!

Yeah, what they said!


Blogger The Cat Realm said...

We don't know much about human affairs but the maid told us that it was probably really good that you were late - otherwise you might have "wasted your time with that jerk." (quote!)
Thank you for visiting our blog!
Does the cat in the Wordless Wednesday post belong to your household?

Blogger Sassy Knitter said...

He did not deserve you anyway! Pompus A-Hole!

You are better to learn the faults up front!

I was a single mom for 7 years. I dated many and then one day I looked up and in front of my eyes for 2 years was a man I saw at the little league football field and he is now my soulmate!! I had seen him, but that day- I SAW HIM!!

Yours will come when the time is right! If you were here I would fix you up!!

:) Hugs and kisses!!

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