February 19, 2008
The more open I am, the safer I feel.

I have a dilemma and wondered what you would do. There is a guy at a shoe company I just frequented and later I had to return these boots. Well he's young and hip looking, probably early 20's or possibly like 18 or 19, I don't know. He dresses kind of hip, in style. But....he has really awful acne. Just awful, like it looks like it hurts and it's inflamed and he looks like he wears foundation to cover it. Like he actually wears a lot of cover up or cream base, I don't know but you can tell he wears makeup. And I just feel so awful for him. He has that look like he won't quite look you in the eyes, because he doesn't want you to see him. And I recognize this, because I may not have had acne this bad, but at some points it's been pretty bad, red and hurting and inflamed and I know that look.

So my question is, if I were to buy him a set of Proactiv, would it be totally rude to give it to him? And if I do do this is there a way to do it so it doesn't embarrass him? I've had that problem too. Once I went in the local corner mart and there was this new owner, this was like almost 20 years ago, and this witch had the nerve to say something to me about some products she was peddling and how it'd help me. I remember being terribly embarrassed, there were other customers around and I wanted to just scream to her....I just came in for some milk, you beyotch! I felt it wasn't her place to say anything to me and it irked me to no end.

But I still want to help this guy. I just cannot imagine that it wouldn't help him and it's so worth it and truly not so expensive. I'm thinking of getting it and putting it in a bag and then just going in there and giving it to him and saying I don't want to embarrass you but I wanted you to have this. And leaving. And I can put a note in there saying why I gave it to him and how it's helped me.

Would you? How would you handle it?



Blogger thepaintedsheep said...

I think that its very kind of you to recognize his situation and want to help. However, I suspect that he would be embarrassed if you were to give it to him. It would probably make him even more self conscious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know the woman who did that to you so many years ago wasn't just trying to help?

Paul :)

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