February 18, 2008
Self-compassion is a vitamin that feeds me constantly.

Had a nice and relaxing weekend and got quite a bit done at the house. I'm having a dinner party next weekend for a dear friend who is moving to VA next month with her dear hubby. They had plans to retire out east and they found this fabulous house and so it's all happening very fast, but my dear Sandy will be far away. But now I have another reason to visit the east or south (to me it's the east coast, but it's also called the south, I'm confused) which I've never been to. I've only been to Florida for one night to board a cruise where we went to the Caribbean.

Mamacita and I met Friday night for a drink at a hotel where she sometimes meets a group of older widowed women. She hadn't been to join them for awhile and maybe they found another place because nobody else showed. So we finished our glass of cabernet and then drove to a bbq place to have some dinner. We had a really good dinner, I had a chopped salad with portabello mushroom and Mamacita had the baby back ribs, we shared and it was yummy. Gary did not come home this weekend so we had a little more free time.

Yesterday we went to the beach and did some shopping on the main street of Belmont Shore. A nice little community where there are really cute shops, some artsy places, gift shops, a shoe store that the owners have had for 60 years. The weather was perfect, sunny, with a cool breeze. Then we drove down to Seal Beach and had a late lunch at Walt's Wharf which has really good seafood. We both had the clam chowder and Walt's Special Salad which was yummy. They have fabulous sourdough bread too. It was also a martini lunch as we were celebrating what would have been my Father's birthday! Mamacita had a Mango Martini and I had a Fig & Pomegranite Martini, Yum!

Here is my finished Fair Rosamund Tam. I loved knitting this, doing Fair Isle or colorwork is very satisfying and a nice break after doing socks. I cannot wait to start the cardigan that goes with this, but I'm reluctant to start because I want to get some more socks done. But now I feel a little more comfortable knitting Fair Isle and so I'm not intimidated to do a whole cardigan. Here is a link to the designers page of patterns for Twisted Traditions. I love her patterns and she's nice too.
Lipstick worn today: Chanel Rouge Allure in Attitude ~ a favorite color of mine.

Perfume worn today: Angel by Thierry Mueller ~ it was a tester I have and honestly, it is not my favorite. It's a little spicy and just feels off for me. I'll have to throw that one away.

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Blogger Lorraine said...

Michele- We have a few other things in common. I lost 32lbs on WW last year, I wear Angel (it has chocolate in it) and I'm a bonafide lipstick freak (MAC, usually).

Were we separated at birth?

I LOVE that tam!!!! You did great work! Just wanted to let you know that we DO have Tom(the cat) and he's apparently been given a reprieve because he has been to his other home too and they are still letting him out to come back here. He's not as bad off as they first thought. Anyway... he's such a sweetie.

Wish I could wear lipstick, I chew my lips pretty bad so it doesn't last.


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