February 14, 2008
The whole world is my valentine. Love is everywhere and my heart is open and receptive.

Well, here's one of my surprises for 2008. A new blog design! What do you think? I simply love it and can only think it'll be improved when I get all my crap reloaded on the sidebar. I feel like it's mine now, like it reflects me. I wanted it to be pretty, and soothing and a comforting place to be and I hope you feel it like I do. Thank you to Ro at the Blog Cafe! She did a great job and she was very nice to work with, even though she had to work with me...

The Recipe For Michele

3 parts Rebellion
2 parts Charisma
1 part Silliness

Splash of Sass

Finish off with a little umbrella and straw

I like the Splash of Sass part in my Michele Martini!

Look what Mitchypoo received at work yesterday! Aren't they lovely! They are from my special someone in SC. It was a really nice surprise. Mamacita was observant of my weightloss efforts and gave me a lovely card and a Starbucks card! YAY! We're going to go to dinner tonight and will be each others Valentine! I hope that you feel and know that you are loved today!

Lipstick worn today: Chanel Rouge Allure in Romantic (how fitting)
Perfume worn today: Truly Pink by Vera Wang ~it too is soft and romantic and reminiscent of being in a rose garden.

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Blogger Ariel said...

Love the new blog design. :-)

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