March 25, 2008
I am as successful as I make up my mind to be.

Holy Crackamoley, I am suffering with allergies this year! Is anyone else having a hard time? I've had an allergy here or there, but nothing like this. I've had almost constant migraines and headaches for weeks, and I knew I was having allergies, because smells were bothering me and my eyes were itchy and watery, but after talking to my cousin, suffering all weekend with constant headaches and a migraine on Friday, I tried taking Zyrtec for allergies. You can get it OTC now, and it is not cheap but I think it's helping. Yesterday I went through more than half a box of tissue, ended up really sick. This morning I felt like I could breathe but it's still there. The really good news, the headache is gone right now!



Blogger Tori said...

Allergies: Oh My goodness, me too! Not sure what made this year bad, but it was bad! So sorry to hear about your neighbors family! My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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