March 9, 2008
Kitty Knits! A Blog Tour and Review...

I'm very pleased to introduce you to Donna Drachunas and her latest book Kitty Knits ~projects for cats and their people! I'm also very happy to be included in her Blog Tour to showcase and highlight this delightful book.

Kitty Knits is a lovely book full of kitty poems, cute pictures and really lovely patterns with a cat theme. I am impressed because any type of knitter from novice to expert will find a pattern on their level and interesting to knit. For instance, there is a pattern for Felted Cat Nip Mice which looks very simple. Some regular knitting required, some icord knitting, stuff it with fiberfill and cat nip and felt. Your furbabies are sure to love them.

This is a knit Ballet Cardigan pattern that is really lovely. It incorporates lace knitting and color work to add your kitty on the front.

I really like the fact that no matter what you are into knitting these days, you'll find a project to knit in Kitty Knits. From a Scandinavian style sweater with a kitty touch, socks, an afghan, cat toys, slippers, a cat mat, several cute styles of cat beds your furbabies are sure to love. There is a pattern for a delicate lace cat scarf, an illusion scarf and hats. There is even an adorable baby blanket pattern! It's all here.

I first was introduced to Donna Druchunas because she is a member of a Ravelry group I started called Cat Knits. The group was started last July and we have over 1600 members now! Unbelievable. Please come join us if you are on Ravelry and also a cat lover.

There is really something to the fact that many knitters, crocheters, crafty people are cat lovers too. I knew it when I started the group, I have 2 cats as many of you know, Tom Thumb and Henry the VIII. Both are adopted and much loved. I knew there was a connection when the majority of members seem to have one of their beloved furbabies as their Avatar on Ravelry. Or people's project pictures would often include their cat in the picture. In my case Tom will not allow me to take a pic of any of my projects without sneaking in there. Cats and Knitters just seem to go together. Thankfully, my two cats leave my yarn alone. They are too busy napping to care. Here's some pics of my babies.

My first project to knit from Kitty Knits is going to be the Bull's Eye Cat Bed. But I'll have to make two of them, because although my two babies are sweet and loving, they do not cuddle and will not share a cat bed. They are more like two 7 year old boys who are antagonizing and hitting eachother all the time. I love this pattern because it's worked in the round and then the bottom of the bed is worked in a sort of bulls-eye pattern that you reduce stitches until you knit down to the center. It's really cute and I think my babies will love it!

The directions in the patterns seem straightforward and simple. There are techniques in the back of the book to help you along. I'm sure you will enjoy Kitty Knits as much as I am!

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Blogger Jadielady said...

Hello! I did make the felted mice, though I keep forgetting to buy the fiberfill.
They were definitely simple, and I agree that Donna's instructions are wonderful!

Blogger nanaknits said...

Your babies are gorgeous! My girls are the same way... separate beds are a must! Have fun!

Blogger Lorraine said...

Gotta love those kitties- I am partial to black and whites, and I adore Marmalades.

(I'm feeling Coach Bag envy)

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