March 22, 2008
No appropriate title.

Had a nice day today....with a really bad ending.

Mamacita and I went to go see In the Mood with Mamacita's coworker and my friend Susan. She invited us to celebrate my Mamacita's birthday which is next week. The musical revue was really good, we enjoyed it. The end was patriotic and there was a tribute to our veterans and serving military and it was quite touching. I teared up after seeing an older gentleman in front of me stand up to be recognized and he was shedding a tear and it just got me. I think I was the youngest one in the audience. I kid you not! But I loved it. Then us ladies went to dinner, had a great time, Susan is a lot of fun.

So we drove in our driveway and our neighbor was coming to see us and she had some tragic news. Our neighbors are like family, truly they are, they've known me and my family before I was even born. And their son, well, he was my first love. But the news was that my first love's second son, who was 12 years old, was hit by a SUV last night in our town last night and he was killed. It was a hit and run. It's so tragic, please pray for his family, he was one of 8 kids.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a terrible thing to happen. Losing a child is incomprehensible and to lose one in such a horrific way is just gut wrenching.

My sincere condolences to all.


Anonymous val said...

:( so sad.. i wish something like this only happened in the movies and not in real life. :(

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