March 29, 2008
Saturday Sky #3

It's overcast today and it feels like rain which I love! I hear we may get a real storm tonight. I have an Aunt visiting from MN, so I'd like the weather to be nice for her. She probably likes it because it's still warm.

We've had a tragedy hit our neighborhood, a neighbor lost their grandson last week. He was hit by a car while on a skateboard, it was late at night. 12:45 a.m. The 14 year old boy's Father is someone I'm close to. We're close to that whole side of the family. Anyway, the hit and run driver turned himself in after 5 days. I think he may have been drunk but I guess that would be hard to prove now. I hope his parents are ashamed at his behavior and what they raised. He should have stayed and dealt with the consequences, drunk or not. The driver is 24 years old, has had trouble with the law and many driving offenses. And now he's impacted many family members, for the rest of their lives and ruined his own life. He's a felon now. And I hope there is worldly justice for him.

I'll get off my soapbox, it's just upsetting to me how a large part of society has this attitude that they don't have to take personal responsibility. Oh, don't get me started...

I wanted to mention that I haven't had a headache in about 4, maybe 5 days now! I love Zyrtec, the OTC for allergies. It's really helped me.



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