March 8, 2008
Still celebrating!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and I did have a lovely day! I had to work but it was OK, especially since I was sick earlier in the week. I received really nice cards and ecards, calls, etc. My boss made me a "dietetic birthday cake" which was really good. It was lemon cake mix, mixed mix a can of diet 7Up and baked as usual. It's really a great way to have your cake and eat it too! Ha! The lemon frosting was regular calorie but you save your calories where ever you can.

We ended up not going to the blues wine bar because I was still suffering with headaches and Mamacita didn't feel like going all the way up there so we went to a nice Italian restaurant closer to the house and we had a nice dinner.

I got some really nice gifts including a markasite watch and ring that are way cool, hand cream, dinner party book, a Borders gift card, a Joann gift card and da da ta dah....a Coach bag! I was really surprised and thrilled. That was from Mamacita and I was really surprised. I so love handbags but will not buy one after buying a vintage Louis Vuitton but I love Coach and I've never had one and she did really good. It's got the Coach brown cloth pattern with a white trim and it has a pastel green lining and pretty bow on it. I found a pic of my handbag, isn't it lovely?!

We were going to go to dinner tonight too with my brother but Mamacita isn't feeling well, so maybe we'll make it tomorrow.

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight and Fall Forward! Yep, it's early this year and we lose an hour but it is that time.

Please come and visit the blog tomorrow, I'm doing a blog tour and will be introducing you to a great author and special book. don't miss it!


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