March 2, 2008

We saw the movie Juno yesterday. We all really enjoyed it. I thought Ellen Page was really wonderful. It was a cute movie, with a good message. And it was about different forms of love, between fathers and daughters, friends, young teens, a stepmom and daughter, a woman wanting to be a mom, a teen not wanting to be a mom, but make sure a baby is loved, a married couple. It's ultimately about love.

I've been fighting a headache most of the weekend. I thought it was becoming a migraine yesterday but it never developed into that. I feel OK now. I know why I'm getting it and it should go away in about a week.

I've also been working furiously on a pair of Firestarter socks and I'm almost done with the first one. I'm in love with the yarn and colors. I call them my Fall Wine Firestarters. Here's a sneak peek.

Perfume worn today: I Love Love by Moschino (my new favorite!)
Beauty Item Highlight: I've recently started using Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light. It has about 30 roses petals in one tube. I use this day and night as my moisturizer and it's so nice. It's moisturizes but is not oily. My skin seems to love it! Oh, it's kind of expensive, but I found a deal online and paid about half!

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Blogger Amy O' said...

love, love, love your socks! the pattern, the colors... everything about them! we went to see Juno the other day too - it was fun, however, it did send the hubby straight to the internet when we got home to confirm that indeed, Juno was a Roman goddess, not Greek

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