April 1, 2008
Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday

My kitties look possessed here. These were taken last night as they entertained us after enjoying some cat nip. I just sprinkle some on the floor and they just go crazy, tasting it, licking it, rolling in it and then they just roll around. They are so funny. Do not look into my eyes....I will mesmerize you... Henry is the red ginger tuxedo tabby and Tom Thumb is the black and white. This is my first try at Cats on Tuesday. I hope to meet many of you and see your furbabies. I'm suffering from the flu, went to the dr. today and I dont' have strep so that is good. I'm heading back to bed, but I will check with any of you who visit.

I'm so sick that I'm not even knitting much. But this is what I'm working on now. It's a Clapotis and I'm using Malabrigo worsted in the Cuarzo color. Isn't it lovely. I'm making it larger than a scarf and smaller than a shawl.

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Anonymous Angelo said...

Those are scary shots Mitchypoo! Nermal loves his catnip too and goes crazy for it. He would love to share some with Henry and Tom Thumb once it starts growing again.

That sounds like a cool idea to turn his fur into yarn. If I ever meet anybody who can spin yarn, they will have hit the jackpot with Nermal :)... especially after a haircut.

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Cats Tuesdy!

Blogger Jewelgirl said...

HI, Your kitties have classic
flash eye! It does make kitties
look super scary! I had a white
persian cat that used to flash a green eye and a red eye back,
talk about freaky.
Ooohhhh love that color yarn,
a visual feast of purple!
Thanks for stopping by my COT!

Blogger Gattina said...

Your kitties look like little devils with their flashing eyes ! Sorry to hear that you have the flu that's an awful feeling ! hope you will get better soon. Please tell me if I should add you to the COT blogroll ! and one suggestion, publish on Monday evening (your time) because here it's already wednesday. Most of the American participants do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Cats on Tuesday. It is nice to "meet" you and your kitties! They are lovely, even with their demon eyes!

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