April 22, 2008
Cats on Tuesday

**Edited: I'm sorry if the slideshow above is not loading for you. Here is a direct link if you like. **

I put together a little kitty montage for you this week. Tom seems to be OK. I was concerned that maybe he was feeling sick because he's been really cooped up. He seems like all he does lately is sleep. And he doesn't seem to come see me every day when I get home like usual. But I've been watching him this week and he's fine, he's eating and drinking normally. He's full of spunk once in awhile, usually for a little bit at night while playing with Henry. Tonight he even went after my ball of yarn that fell on the floor...he's fine!

He's quite the charmer too. We had friends over and Henry went and hid under the bed for a couple hours, but Tom....no...he had to come out and say hello, be adored, let them pet him. He was really cute. We were in the living room socializing and there plops Tom, in the middle of all of it and promptly falls asleep.



Blogger Gattina said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see the video. It just didn't load. Tom must be like Arthur who whenever there is a visitor he has to go around and great them. A real crooner !
Cats here in Brussels are all going out. I don't know one single inside cat maybe it exists in appartments but not when you have a house. All cats are vaccinated against feline leukemia, aids and other deseases. Anyway they always went outside and for little Rosie it is a new world !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are both the official greeters when guests come! We wouldn't want to deprive anyone of the enjoyment of scritching a cute kitty!

Blogger Deana said...

I couldn't get the montage to download...one of our cats is very social, one is if the kids aren't here, one hides if the postman drops a package off...funny the different personality types even in cats.

I was reading your post below too. Bleu cheese stuffed olives for the martini, I love that too!

Blogger catsynth said...

We couldn't get it to load either, but we were able to view it via the link.
Nice photo montage, with cute photos. Brought a smile to my face :)

Blogger Luna said...

Oah...unfortunately I can´t see the slide show.
I´ll try it again later.
Happy Tuesday!

Blogger Jewelgirl said...

I went to the link and viewed
your sleepy kitties on the bed and
the tuxedo cat on the cat tree!
They are so cute. What are their
names and the young tiger striped
kittie is just adorable!
Hope you stop by and say Hi to
my kitty family! Jewelgirl

Blogger Tink said...

I could see it through the link, great show!
I was veeeeeeery late last night with my COT, but I have adopted a new cat.... Wanna come meet her? ;-)

Blogger katztales said...

Couldn't' see the slides but the link was fine.

Snoozle bug cats, huh? Is it cold where you are? Maybe they're just slow to wake up after a long cold winter. Certainly looks like they have a comfy spot there. If I were them, I wouldn't move either.

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