April 29, 2008
Cats on Tuesday

Here's a pic of Tom Tom. He's on his 7 layer cat tree and taking a rest after getting a bundle of energy, running across the room and up to the top and then he sharpens his claws on the rope covered pillars. Sometimes I put cat nip on the layers and he'll roll on it. Then he'll just sit there and overlook the goings on in the TV garden room.
Don't you just love his cute pink nose. I just think it's adorable. His eyes are half way open which is remarkable because I have such trouble getting him to take apic without his eyes closed. He's so cute and has these lovely golden eyes, I'd love for you to see. I'll keep trying.

I finished my swap socks tonight and I think they came out well. I'll now get my partners package together and in the mail. I got a lot of the 2nd sock done today because I didn't go to work. I've been not feeling good and I needed a day off. I got my resume done today and will now be getting it out and see what happens.

I was going to post some other stuff but I'm really scattered right now. I can't concentrate and I really should be in bed. So goodnight for now. I'll try again tomorrow.



Blogger Gattina said...

What a darling he is ! such a sweet face ! I know it's not easy to get a good picture of cat eyes, especially when there is a flash they close them. I try to do it during daylight but it doesn't work all the time. Keep shooting !! (not with a gun, lol !)

Blogger Criz Lai said...

He is so cute!! I will surely give him a great warm hug.. if he does not bite.. haha. Anyway, you are lucky to see him having pink nose. Who knows it will turn red during Christmas and he would be helping Santa out?? :P


Blogger Lorraine said...

I love him- black and white males are my favorites.

Blogger Irishcoda said...

Tom Tom is a very handsome cat indeed! You might not get his eyes because when he sees the camera, he anticipates the flash and closes his eyes. Mine do that all the time :P

Blogger catsynth said...

He is a very handsome cat. And the closed eyes give him a very contented look :)

Blogger tkwi said...

With one eye surrounded by dark hair, you can't tell whether it is open or shut. But he is a handsome dude anyway.

Tom Tom, you are a handsome fellow! It sounds like you have a great cat tree. :)

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