April 8, 2008
I have lots of energy, and I enjoy getting my life in order.

Wow, I missed a WHOLE WEEK of work! That flu bug was really nasty. It started 2 Saturdays ago when after doing my normal stuff for the day, getting my room cleaned for my Aunties visit, etc. I sat down to knit for a while at night and all of a sudden I said to Mamacita, "Wow, I have a really bad sore throat." It just sort of hit me. And then it started. I quickly got body aches and feeling feverish, chills, headache, lethargy. I woke up that night feeling restless and hot. Had to get up for awhile, take some Tylenol Cold and back to bed, Sunday it was worse and my Monday morning I had no voice hardly at all, ear ache, couldn't sleep more than 4 hours. MISERABLE! I went to the Dr. Tuesday thinking I may have strep, but I did not. Just the flu. She told me not to be surprised if I had the cough for weeks, like 4 or 5 weeks...Cough? Oh, yes, that started too. I was not able to sleep for more than 4 hours for the remainder of last week. That was kind of the worst of it because I was so tired, but so miserable and unable to sleep for any length of time. I would get up coughing at 11:30 and then 1:30 and 3:30, it's just so unlike me. I didn't eat for days, maybe a slice of toast or egg in a holes, but had no appetite. No appetite and not feeling well enough to KNIT!??? That's the definite sign that Mitchypoo is really really sick!

Then I had this gland that swelled in my neck and scared the heck out of me, it's still swelling but not too worried yet. I've been back to work yesterday and today. Last night I picked up prescription cough medicine and last night I slept really well. Today I feel so much better. I haven't had one cough attack yet today.

I started another knit project...the Lace Ribbon Scarf. It's from the current spring issue of Knitty. It's really pretty and fun to knit. I needed some variation from socks. I was going to post a not so good pic from my phone, but it's so awful. I'll try to post a pic tonight.

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Blogger Sassy Mama Bear said...

Yes, the cough hangs on like an annoying fly buzzing in your ear. We have had the cough since our flu incident for close to 5 weeks now and counting. The ever fluctuating weather does not help matters either. I do hope your road to recovery continues and I love seeing your projects, if we lived closer I would so have you teach me to knit.

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